September 2017

Garrett's Hero Run

By Amber Sapp Garrett Sapp is the 11-year old son of Randy and Amber Sapp, residents of Columbia.  He loves movies, Legos, anything Star Wars and playing with his 9-year old sister Charlotte.  Garrett also has Duchenne muscular dystrophy.   Duchenne is a progressive muscle-wasting disease very similar to ALS, but in children. It results in progressive loss of strength which leads to serious medical problems, particularly issues relating to

Duchenne Awareness Day

When Garrett was about 3 years old, I noticed some gross motor delays–climbing and jumping specifically. As a physical therapist, I was trained to notice these things. I made an appointment with his pediatrician who assured me that all was well. Fast forward several months. Garrett was struggling to climb steps and hills at the park, to which we attributed to a bit of laziness (sadly in hindsight). Then one

Why We Started Growing Up Maury

All three of us have been asked numerous times why we started Growing Up Maury.  We each wanted the chance to give you our own answers and tell you why we love this project so  very much. Enjoy! Thoughts from Kelly I love telling people about why I wanted to start Growing Up Maury. My kids are 4 and 9 and we love living in Columbia. It seems like our