Kelly Bellamy
Jennifer Arnwine

Hey friends, I am Kelly Bellamy.

I have lived in Columbia since 2006, when my husband and I moved here from California after growing tired of the rising cost of living. Despite being born and raised there, I consider this home and have never looked back.

We have 2 kids, a boy and a girl who both came to us through adoption. I am a stay at home, homeschooling mama who drinks far too much coffee. I did not set out to educate at home, but my son’s learning issues made it clear that this is the best option. Some days I wish I could simply send my kids to school, but overall I love being able to teach them and have so much quality time together.

This journey is part of what led to the birth of Growing Up Maury. I wanted to keep my kids active in the things happening in our town, but was not finding a single place to find a listing of events. Maury County and Columbia are growing and I am excited to be here and part of it all.

I am also the Owner/Seamstress at Mama’s Mess. I sew mostly children’s clothing and love custom orders. I have recently taken up smocking and find that I love that it requires me to slow down and carefully stitch by hand.

I look forward to getting to know you and enjoying the fun along with talking about the hard together.

Kelly Bellamy



Hi.  My name is Jennifer Arnwine.  I have lived in Spring Hill since 1996.  When I first moved here I taught elementary school.  One of the “getting to know you” activities  at the first in service was to tell a few facts about ourselves.  Almost everyone went before me and a few people mentioned mules. I was quite perplexed.  When it came my turn I shared that I had never seen a mule.  There was an audible gasp.  I still laugh thinking about that.  Needless to say I have seen many a mule since that confession.  Maury County is my home and I absolutely love it.

I am the owner and photographer at Jennifer Arnwine Photography.  I also have a small hobby business throwing pottery out of my house.  It is so much fun and very therapeutic.  I love to travel.  Right now India is the favorite place I have visited but that seems to change with my mood.  I am raising two puppies who are training to be therapy dogs.  I have two other dogs as well who are just for lying around on the sofa but I love them madly.  I have what some would say is an unhealthy amount of love for Shemar Moore, and a perfectly healthy amount of love for my friends and family.  I have great faith in people and an even greater faith in God.  

One could say I am simply dripping with passion for this project.  I love the idea of connecting families with everything that is happening in Maury Co and the surrounding areas.  I also feel like is it really important to talk about the real and the hard things that come with being a family along with the sunshine and rainbows.  I hope you love Growing Up Maury as much as I do.

With Gratitude,




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