Amy Davis

Several years ago Amy traded in a full-time career to spend more time with her two little ones. Along the way she discovered a passion for advocating for children and families in the world of foster care. Although her days with two littles are quite the adventure, she still finds time to enjoy a good book, a little writing, and too much coffee! One day soon she hopes to become the mother of three through a foster care adoption.

My Friend is Adopting, Now What?

It’s National Adoption Awareness Month!  Right now approximately 428,000 children are in the American Foster Care System.  Over 100,000 of these children are open for adoption.  While the focus this month is to raise awareness for the need for foster care adoptions, every year about 18,000 infant adoptions take place in the United States (site 1), and in 2016 Americans adopted slightly over 5,000 children through international adoptions (site 2).