Andrea Mills

Andrea Mills M.Ed. LPC-MHSP is the Assistant Director of the counseling center at Lipscomb University and Program Director for the GLS Campus Suicide Prevention Grant. Ms. Mills began her counseling career as a lead counselor at a non-profit dual diagnosis residential drug dependency treatment program. While there she worked with clients who had drug dependency in conjunction with a Serious Mental Illness. This continued to be a focus later on while working at UAB hospital with drug dependent emerging adults. While working at UAB she also maintained a private practice. Since taking the position at Lipscomb 4 years ago, Ms. Mills has continued her training in the area of suicide prevention by becoming a QPR Gatekeeper and Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk trainer for the SPRC. She is also currently a certified in both EMDR practitioner and as an Approved Clinical Supervisor. Andrea has made a commitment to not only work with students who are experiencing mental health issues, but also to supervise future counselors and train Lipscomb students and employees regarding suicide awareness.

Suicide Prevention Around the Dinner Table

“He was happy, popular, athletic, all A honor roll” “She was always there for anyone who needed her. She had never met a stranger.” “He never said anything about being depressed. As far as we knew, everything was fine!”   These are words said by parents and loved ones following the suicide of their middle school, high school, even elementary school students. I know, it seems unfathomable to think about.