Kelly Bellamy

Kelly was born and raised in Southern California and moved to Middle Tennessee in 2006 with her husband. She is a mom to two beautiful kids through adoption, who she homeschools. She is a seamstress and owner of Mama’s Mess Boutique and one of the Founders of Growing Up Maury.

Family Vacation on a Shoestring Budget: Part Two

In my article Family Vacation on a Shoestring Budget: Part One, I talked about our travel plans to visit family in Texas and then head to the beach, all on a budget. Let me start by saying the rising gas prices definitely threw off our budget a bit. However, there really wasn’t much we could do about that. Consider that fact when you plan your own trip, and be prepared

Halloween Costumes for the Last Minute

Halloween is approaching. I have been seeing costumes in the store for at least a month now. Plastic pumpkins are displayed everywhere, candy is on the shelves just waiting to be purchased and dumped into kids’ bags. Usually I make what my kids envision for their costumes. This is the benefit of being a mom who sews, and I love it. This year, however, my 9-year-old son cannot make up

Family Vacation on a Shoestring Budget: Part One

My family loves to travel and it’s something we value. We love seeing new places, exploring cities and towns and allowing ourselves to take in all that places have to offer. We are also on a single income and work within a budget. This is where creativity comes into play with our love to wander. I thought I would share some things I am doing for an upcoming trip. I

The Importance of Self Care as a Mom

I have heard so many times just how important self-care is, especially as a Mom. So many times. It got to the point where the mere mention caused me to instantly feel a mixture of rage and guilt. I am a Mom of two kiddos, both of whom I homeschool. Which means I am often a bit frazzled. I want to be the best mom, wife, friend, sister, leader possible.

Advocating for Kids with Learning Difficulties

by Kelly Bellamy When my son was very young, I began to have concerns about how he learned and retained information. It started when he was about 3 or 4 and struggled with getting his shoes on the correct feet without help. I was told by many seasoned parents and even professionals to not worry about it. I tried to let go and not worry. I beat myself up for