Niki Callahan

Four Tips to Help you Save Money this Christmas Season

Christmas shopping. Do those two words cause your anxiety level to spike or does your heart begin to skip to the beat of Christmas carols? When I think of tackling my shopping list and trying to stay on budget with a limited time frame, I begin to panic! Did I just hear you say, “Girl, me too?” Good news! I have made a list of four tips that will help

Fostering Individuality in Identical Twins

‘Are they twins?’ ‘They look just the same, they must be identical!’ ‘Which one is which?’ Twins. . .I get these questions on a daily basis. It must be difficult, amazing, and fun to see an identical face looking right back at you! The girls are identical, yet they are intriguingly different. I remind myself daily of their individuality to keep from ‘grouping’ them constantly.   Since having twins, one

Bookend Boys and Twin Girls

By Niki Callahan The alarm goes off and I sleepily hit snooze for the 10th time before crawling out of bed. It’s quiet inside and still dark outside, the lights pierce my eyes. The reward, a quiet shower for this mom of four kids ages four and under. What? Yep, you read it correctly. Four children four and under. I have bookend boys with twin girls in the middle. Breakfast