Maury County Kids Are Amazing: Agathos' Win

Growing Up Maury loves to hear about the accomplishments of the wonderful young people here in Maury County.  This weekend the Mock Trial Team from Agathos proved themselves to be quite the formidable opponent for the other teams competing in the District 11 Mock Trial. Top Attorney Winners: Luke Worsham First Place, Ella Seago Third Place Agathos has had a mock trial team for 3 years. Winning the regional title

Black History Month for the Rest of the Year

As Black History Month draws to a close, the Growing Up Maury Team would like to share some of our favorite books to share the accomplishments, endeavors and impacts of people of color.  We are choosing to share this at the end of the month so that you can continue to explore these stories and the lives of these individuals throughout the year. Special thanks to Kelly Bellamy for compiling

Breastfeeding Advice From An Expert

We have all probably heard that breastfeeding is the “Gold Standard of infant feeding.” This statement is backed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, World Health Organizations, and National Institute of Health, among many other supporters. The benefits of breastfeeding are countless for both mother and baby. So why does it have to be so hard? This is a question I asked myself a lot in the first few days

How Do I Teach My Kids About Our Faith?

How Do I Teach My Kids About Our Faith? “What is God?” “Who is Jesus?” “Why is church so boring?” These are big questions. They could have been asked by almost anyone. During my career as a Children’s Minister among non-denominational Churches of Christ, I’ve heard them mostly asked by children. Kids have really unique spiritual insight, as well as creative questions about faith and religion. This can scare some

Building a Growth Mindset in Your Children

Growing up, I was always told how smart I was. Not how hard I worked, but how smart I was. Indeed, I rarely worked hard. I procrastinated on every project, waiting until the last minute to get anything done. Why should I have to work hard? I’m smart. While I was student teaching, my older two kids began their own schooling years. Dominick, my middle child, started asking me about

A Breast Cancer Journey

I am Jennifer and I am one of the founders and owners of Growing Up Maury.  Next month is breast cancer awareness month and I wanted to share a little with you about breast cancer awareness month in my life. For me this month has always meant pink Campbell soup labels, donating money to my friends who run for Susan G. Komen, the overly bright fuchsia towels NFL players use

Volunteering at School Without Losing Your Mind

Volunteering at School Without Losing Your Mind We’ve all seen it. The flyer or email that comes home from your child’s school asking for your help. Or maybe it was a sign-up table at the back-to-school event and a poster in the lobby with smiling faces to pour on the guilt. You avoid eye contact and make vague promises to your child’s teacher about “being available” and “lending a hand”

Great Authors Surprise Us: Roald Dahl Turns 101 Today

By Dana Spivy Glover Kelly’s family has a loosely-held tradition to make homemade pizza and watch a movie on Friday nights. She says they usually get a newer movie on Google Play, something they begged to see in the theaters, but either budget or time prevented. Not too long ago, Kelly convinced her family to choose the movie BFG, on Netflix. To say it was a hit is, well, an

Why We Started Growing Up Maury

All three of us have been asked numerous times why we started Growing Up Maury.  We each wanted the chance to give you our own answers and tell you why we love this project so  very much. Enjoy! Thoughts from Kelly I love telling people about why I wanted to start Growing Up Maury. My kids are 4 and 9 and we love living in Columbia. It seems like our

Advocating for Kids with Learning Difficulties

by Kelly Bellamy When my son was very young, I began to have concerns about how he learned and retained information. It started when he was about 3 or 4 and struggled with getting his shoes on the correct feet without help. I was told by many seasoned parents and even professionals to not worry about it. I tried to let go and not worry. I beat myself up for