Fun Solutions for, "Help, I'm Bored" This Summer.

Shhhhh….  Listen closely…Can you hear it?  It’s the battle cry of summer. As the first lazy days fade into a rut and the excitement of freedom begins to wane, moms and dads everywhere hear the same refrain.  Sometimes we hear it seemingly a hundred times a day. “There’s nothing to do!!  I’m BORED!” Now, I am a big proponent of letting your kids be bored sometimes, because periods of boredom

Ellie Talley's First Column

To me, summertime is all the things. I’m a mama and a teacher, so this two-month break gives me much-needed time to make stronger connections with my family and invest in things that matter the most.  Growing up, my parents planned summer vacations for us to take every year. As a kid, these vacations were truly the highlight of my childhood. From swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and eating

Peace, Freedom and Equality.

I am sucker for a good advertisement. A few years ago there was a fantastic ad celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  I believe it was from McDonalds.   The words of the song we this:   If we could light a candle for everything he’s done, for every life he’s bettered for every victory won that light would shine so brightly that all the world could see what he did for peace and

My Friend is Adopting, Now What?

It’s National Adoption Awareness Month!  Right now approximately 428,000 children are in the American Foster Care System.  Over 100,000 of these children are open for adoption.  While the focus this month is to raise awareness for the need for foster care adoptions, every year about 18,000 infant adoptions take place in the United States (site 1), and in 2016 Americans adopted slightly over 5,000 children through international adoptions (site 2).

Books For Young Readers

  Preschool AND EMERGING READERS Growing Up Maury was given a free, advanced copy of each book by NetGalley. The only expectation is an honest review. To purchase a book click on the link after each review. A portion of the proceeds made by the sale of these books will be donated to the relief efforts of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Marie. I Love a Book by Joe Rhatigan is

The Importance of Self Care as a Mom

I have heard so many times just how important self-care is, especially as a Mom. So many times. It got to the point where the mere mention caused me to instantly feel a mixture of rage and guilt. I am a Mom of two kiddos, both of whom I homeschool. Which means I am often a bit frazzled. I want to be the best mom, wife, friend, sister, leader possible.