Everything You Wanted To Know About the Magazine

Everything You Wanted To Know About the Magazine

By now you know that we are going to have a print edition of Growing Up Maury.

We want to tell you a little more about what to expect and when to expect it.

First, what should you expect?

In every issue we will plan including the following:

  • Letter From the Editor
  • Parenting and Family Advice Column
  • Kids Talk about Various Topics (this could be something kids have written to a collection we put together of things kids talk about to an interview with a one of your kids.)
  • Kids Zone Game Page
  • Calendar of Events
  • Feature Articles


Other things may hope to feature throughout the year are:

  • Book Reviews
  • Toy Reviews
  • Just For Parents
  • Features for caregivers other than mother or father i.e. grandparent, foster parent, aunt, older sibling etc.

Our first edition will be a special edition and will not fall into the bi-monthly calendar we have set for 2018.  It is our goal to have a special summer edition of Growing Up Maury “on stands” (that sounds so weird, we cannot think of one place that will have our magazine that actually has a stand) by the last week in April.  It will feature all of the VBS, summer camp, library programing etc that we have by our print deadline. We know a lot of churches have things on their calendar already for VBS, schools know what they are doing for summer camps etc.  If you know, please send us that information at jennifer@growingupmaury.com.  We will also be calling EVERYBODY that we know to call.  The special issue will not include all of the things that will be in every issue to make sure we have all of the events but it will have most of them.

Beginning in July/August we will publish a magazine every other month for the rest of year.  We have those themes mapped out but I did not want to give it all away.

For now we will tell you the general theme for July/August is Back to School, September/October is Seasonal Fun and November/December is Holiday Traditions.

Our plan is to publish monthly in 2019 but that also makes us breathe into a paper bag feel very, very dizzy ????so we will talk more about that plan in a few months.

We are so excited for you to meet this publication.  We cannot wait for you to throw her (so guys, it is a her) in your purse or diaper bag and read while your kids or at dance class or karate or have when you are on your way to pumpkin patch and suddenly it starts to rain and need something else to do.  Our magazine will be your go to for all things children and family in Maury County.

You will be able to get the magazines at coffee shops, medical offices, bank lobbies, childcare centers and other TBD sites around Maury Co.

*We would be remiss if we did not mention that all of this is depending on us securing the ad revenue to make it possible for us to supply these magazines to you free of charge.


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  1. Our daughter was chosen as one of the Finalists for the Kids Talk Spring 2019 magazine, but was not published. We were told we could see it online. Could you please help guide me as to where I can find it. Her name is MariGracyn Hutchison and in the 4th Grade.

    Thank You,


    1. Hey Matthew!

      The magazine is published online 1 week after its put out at the physical rack locations. So it will be online next week.

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