Halloween Costumes for the Last Minute

Halloween Costumes for the Last Minute

Halloween is approaching. I have been seeing costumes in the store for at least a month now. Plastic pumpkins are displayed everywhere, candy is on the shelves just waiting to be purchased and dumped into kids’ bags.

Usually I make what my kids envision for their costumes. This is the benefit of being a mom who sews, and I love it. This year, however, my 9-year-old son cannot make up his mind. The clock is ticking, and I have other projects piling up.

This leads me to the brilliance of the interwebs to figure out something quick and easy. I can’t be the only parent in this predicament, so I thought I would share what I have found.

My kids love Minions, this one is cute and easy! He wasn’t so sure, back to the search.







I also like this one. While it’s from the company Primary, you could use any brand of colored sweats.  My son likes some of them, but we didn’t find a perfect match.










This Fairy Princess costume is super cute, however my son does not agree. My daughter loves it though!








I really liked this one and it definitely gets points for creativity!










Then we came across this Pokemon costume. Winner Winner!











What are your kids and family planning for costumes? Be sure to enter our contest and send your pictures to admin@growingupmaury.com. We can’t wait to see your great ideas!

Kelly Bellamy

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