Halloween Tips For More Treats And Less Tricks

Halloween Tips For More Treats And Less Tricks

Halloween is such a fun time for kids.  They love picking out their favorite character, dressing up and living out an amazing fantasy for an evening. Occasionally, a fall or too much candy can hamper all the good fun.  Here are a few safety tips that will help keep your holiday as safe and healthy as possible:


  1. Consider going to a church or community Trunk or Treat event. Many churches or schools have events or Fall festivals that are open to the public.  Attending one of these events may help you corral little ones more easily, while giving older children the freedom to roam independently in a safe environment.
  2. Only go to homes that are well-lit. If a house does not have any outside lights on, typically they are not prepared to welcome trick or treaters. Even if they are hoping for guests, you want to be sure you enjoy the evening with safe lighting and clear pathways.
  3. Make sure costumes are not too long. Long costumes can be a trip hazard. Remember that children don’t always navigate new territory carefully. They will be excited and not focused on keeping a costume out of the way.
  4. If masks are worn, make sure children can see. Lots of costumes are made with generic eyeholes that will not fit your child exactly. Be sure of their ability to see their way to the fun.
  5. Check all candy before children consume it. Do not allow children to eat candy that has been opened or candy that has holes in the wrapper. We all remember this from our childhood. It’s not only important to be aware of potential dangers, but not every household or candy production factory uses the same safety standards that you want for your children. Err on the side of caution.

*If your child has a food-borne allergy, look for houses with a teal pumpkin.  Those houses take part in The Teal Pumpkin Project and provide non- food treats for children. Look for an article posted on October 25, for more details.

Above all else, have a good time!

Jennifer Arnwine

Jennifer is a native Tennessean. She has lived and worked in Maury County since 1997. She is the owner of Jennifer Arnwine Photography. She is one of the Founders and Editors of Growing Up Maury.

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