My Local CSA

My Local CSA

By Jennifer Arnwine

When I tell you that I love my CSA I am not kidding. I love Allenbrooke Farms.

What is a CSA you might ask? A CSA is a community supported agriculture system of growing local herbs, fruits, vegetables, plants and sometimes they supply meat and meat products. There are several CSAs in Maury County and the surrounding areas. One of the reason that I love Allenbrooke Farms and its owners Daniel and Stephanie Allen so much, besides the fact that it is about a mile from my house, is that they give back to the community.

There are times throughout the growing season they have something called a gleaning. Gleaning is defined as the act of collecting from the field of a farmer after it has commercially harvested. This practice has its beginnings in the Old Testament. Corners of the fields were left unharvested so that the poor, sick or stranger could be fed.


Today, Allenbrooke Farms participates in gleanings throughout a growing season and asks members of the community to come and help harvest. The bounty of the harvest is then given to charities in the area to help feed the under-served populations.

The produce I have gotten is absolutely fantastic. This summer I have put away about 40 pounds of tomatoes, made more jars of pickles than I can counts and grilled so much corn I find corn silks every time I sweep the kitchen. I have made quiche, chicken pot pie, tomato pie, onion-bacon jam, pesto, the list goes on and on.

If you have ever wanted to participate in a CSA but did not know if you should don’t hesitate to contact the Allen’s or any other local CSA to talk more about next year’s bounty. You will not be sorry that you did.

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