Teacher Christmas Gifts: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Hilarious

Teacher Christmas Gifts: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Hilarious

“The best gifts I receive as a teacher are those from the heart.. Something as simple as a handwritten note or drawing. Target gift cards don’t hurt either! ????”

“The best gift I ever got was a collection of stories of my third graders first impressions of me and how they had changed.”

“The best gift I have ever been given as a teacher was a sack lunch that one of my students prepared for me. I was teaching in Frayser just outside of Memphis at the time, and nearly every child I taught was economically disadvantaged. This precious student, a 7th grader, made me a bologna sandwich and included an orange and a bag of chips (Nacho Doritos, because he knew they were my favorite). His parents weren’t usually home during the evenings or mornings, so he took care of himself and his siblings regularly. I was so humbled that this child would think of me and that he would go to so much effort to show his gratitude in the best way he knew how “

“On Valentine’s Day a student gave me a rose.  It was so sweet.  I could tell he chose it himself.  It was one of those roses you buy at the check-out at a gas station. I kept it in my pencil cup all year.  On the last day of school I grabbed it by its “petal” to throw it away and it began to unravel.  When the fabric rose completely unraveled I discovered it was a pair of red lace panties rolled into a rose shape.  I am so glad he was not there to see that.  I would have been mortifying for an eight year old little boy but is one of my all time favorite teaching memories. I still laugh at that moment 20 years later.”

“One of the best gifts I was even given was a coupon book from a parent offering various services in my classroom. Almost all teachers can use a few hours of help from cutting out projects to filing papers.  I enjoy having parents help in any way they want to and this was a great gift to me and really to my students. “

“One year a student gave me a ‘book’ they had written about their school year with me. I loved it. I believe that I still have it someone where.”

“A student gave me a print of a teacher and students.  It was not until I got home did I notice the chalkboard on the print had my name on it.”

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