Thank You

Thank You

Dear Readers,

Kelly, Dana and I could not let this seasons of Thanksgiving go by without expressing our gratitude for all the support and love we have felt since the launch of Growing Up Maury.

When Kelly mentioned the idea of a community calendar we never dreamed it would become what it is today.  Very soon we asked Dana to join us and three of us have been so blessed by the kind words, questions, suggestions, photos, memes and so much more each of you have share with us.  Our Facebook has been such a source of joy, laughter and encouragement.  We have loved to see you all interact with one another and truly build a community.

We could not be Growing Up Maury with our contributors.  All of the articles that you are read and enjoy are written with great love and thought about how to reach each of you effectively and in a way that helps and educates, as well as tells you a little about who we are and what we want to be.   They are the backbone of Growing Up Maury.

I would be remiss if I did not thank you all for being patient with our technical issue.  Y’all, I just don’t know.  We are working on it.  {grin and sigh}

Finally, I want to thank you for asking for, begging for, demanding (in the kindest way possible) a print magazine.  It was our goal to print a magazine in the distant future but we hear you and so appreciate the need this community has for a parenting and family magazine.  We cannot wait for you to see our first edition.  We have a planning retreat in a few days to nail down everything for the first year.  OH MY GOODNESS are we ever excited and a tad terrified but mostly excited.

Thank you again.  May you and your family have a very blessed holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving,

The Growing Up Maury Team

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