Why We Started Growing Up Maury

Why We Started Growing Up Maury

All three of us have been asked numerous times why we started Growing Up Maury.  We each wanted the chance to give you our own answers and tell you why we love this project so  very much. Enjoy!

Thoughts from Kelly

I love telling people about why I wanted to start Growing Up Maury.

My kids are 4 and 9 and we love living in Columbia. It seems like our city has woken up and is so full of life. The square is always busy and something is always happening. We spend most of our time within the boundaries of Maury County. However, I often feel like I am hearing about many activities after they happened. I see other parents on Facebook asking if anyone knows about activities, schools, daycare, dance, baseball…with lots of answers along the lines of “I think such and such has this or that.” It just seemed that few knew what all was happening.

The last year I spent hoping someone would put something together. One place with as many of the activities as possible. With each passing month, I would wonder if anyone would step up. Until one day, I asked why not me? I got together with a couple friends and asked if this was a crazy idea. We talked, brainstormed and knew this had to happen. My initial idea for just a social calendar grew to so much more.

Like I said, I love Maury County. I am excited to dig in, not only to the activities, but to life with all of you. I want to talk about what you love and your struggles. I want to be real about life as family. I am just a mom, with anxiety and a fear that I am getting it all wrong. Let’s do this thing, together.

Thoughts from Jennifer

Why Growing Up Maury?  Why not just piggyback on the existing magazines that serve this area?  We have been asked that question several times.  There are several reasons but I want to share with you the three most important to me.  But before I do, let me say that I love those resources.  LOVE. THEM.

First, I know that there are a lot of people that think Maury County is becoming another bedroom community of Nashville and that is probably true in a sense, but I think Maury County is special.  We have activities and people that are unique to our community and it is important to me that those things be showcased outside of just being mentioned as something that is happening a few miles south of Nashville.

Second, I want to cover the things that your family does.  I want the staff of Growing Up Maury to hang out with your family at an event and get to know you, get to know what you want to learn more about, how we can serve you better.

And finally, when this idea was first that, just an idea, my business partner, Kelly and I were talking to friends about this and almost without fail people would tell us how much they felt many traditional parenting and family resources were missing “real life” information.  Life is hard.  Family is beautiful and sublime.  Family is also complicated and messy.  Often in favor of not wanting to make people uncomfortable people choose not to talk about the complicated and the messy.  So we are going to attempt to talk about the all of it.  Don’t get me wrong, we are going to talk about rainbows and puppies.  We are going to be silly and fun.  But we are also going to talk divorce and postpartum depression.  We are talk about mental illness and drug abuse.  My favorite quote says, “life is a beautiful struggle.”  I look forward to sharing the beautiful and the struggle with all through Growing Up Maury.

Thoughts from Dana

When I talk about creating Growing Up Maury, I think about helping parents find what they need. For all the things they need. Raising a family is difficult and time-consuming, so every little bit helps when parents and caregivers can locate resources, fun and education with a few keyboard clicks. When I worked in ministry, I was constantly trying to find resources that I could share with Maury County families to help them grow together, laugh together and learn more.

Now I found that place. Or rather, it found me. I am so proud to have been invited to join the team bringing you Growing Up Maury. I hope to provide you with places to go, things to see, questions to answer and so much more through this endeavor. This little gem in Middle Tennessee has so much to offer, coming from a long history and moving toward a brighter future. We’re so glad you’re here to join us!

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